Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bats in the Belfry?

Or pots in the fireplace? Modern day equivalent?

This is really a twist on the ol' fern in the fireplace trick and I kinda like it...Alright, I really don't have a choice BUT to like it. Turns out, new eyeballs aren't the cheapest body part you can purchase, so my spring decorating budget has really taken a hit.

So has my spring grocery shopping...


You know what the best part of this, um, composition is?  Pots don't have to be watered...not when they're empty.

                                         More bats...

A loose bat. 
Rabid? No, Rabbits? Yes.         

My eyes are swell. Thanks for asking. (You didn't?) I had my band-aid contacts removed THREE DAYS EARLY because gluing freshly lasered eyeballs to a computer screen, seems to speed the recovery process. I should be compensated for that discovery. Yep, I've been released to pick my boogers ("very carefully", I was listening J.R.) and that's a good thing because they were building up and those eye boogers can be real boogers to deal with. Boogers.

And I've been told to please start wearing  that I am released to start wearing makeup on Friday, better start working on a new excuse. I have another story to tell about my eye saga, but the wound to my pride is still too fresh, gonna have to get some time between me and that one.

 Like how I disguised yet another post about my eyeballs (post # 4 to be exact) as a home decorating post? I know what hooks you people.

Are you still wondering what on earth possessed me to put empty pots in the fireplace and a shovel on the wall and then BLOG about it? Let me just say that the ludicrousness does not end there, but I should let you in on it in small doses so that you can build up your immune system.

Consider this post your daily inoculation.

J.R. the COA is now one of my facebook friends...apparently he'll let anyone on there.

 I haven't been to the grocery store in FOREVER. (You might be surprised how long you can milk a 30 second surgery.) BUT, because I thought it would be HIL-LARIOUS (and financially necessary) to show a pic of my kids with a case of Ramen noodles, I hopped right in the car and headed to our little grocery store. (Don't tell Cow I'm capable.) I mean right in the car...I did not bathe, brush my teeth, comb my hair or remove a single eye booger and I went dressed like this...
Beefing up my editing skills... I looked much, much better in the untouched version.

                 Well what shoes would you have worn with this???
          No matter, it's not like it's spring break or anything....I mean the store will be EMPTY right?

Poor Little Sprout didn't even get shoes, here she is with her breakfast in a baggie. BUT, it was freshly baked, home-made bread...straight from my (Pippi's) kitchen.

And this is Alex. Sweet, lovely, precious Alex.
Alex had a baby girl about a month before me, Alex seriously did potty train her girl when she was like 7 months old. She also had her speaking two languages, turning cartwheels and generally being an adorable pain-in-the-side to all of us (me) lower achievers. Alex and her baby are always clean, always pleasant and I've never once seen them in a  public place talking out of the side of their mouth to avert their breath and looking like...well, you know.                      

      Alex probably even sent her baby to daycare wearing green to keep the little tyke from being pinched.

I put mine in a cart to keep her from getting grocery store that 'bout evens us up.

             Alex would like me to stop taking her picture please. Now.

                                           Cheese...say it!       

(Yes, I just posted a whole nuther post in my post post, oops I think you've been over-vaccinated.)


  1. I really really like the pots in the fireplace! The only thing that I might add is a bit of mossy stuff in one or two of them. I have tons in my yard and can send it to ya. That is if it hasn't totally dried up in this heat wave we are having.

    You were indeed rocking the outfit. I am just glad that you put on real shoes and didn't go with ratty looking bunny slippers or something.

    I am with Little Sprout, who needs shoes when you are still small enough to ride in the cart!

    I may steal that pot idea, come to think of it. Gosh knows that I am not going to be growing anything in all of the ones that I have. I don't have a black thumb, I have a lazy thumb that abhors getting off of it's lazy butt and watering as often as I should. Can't wait until we have our own stinking house with sprinklers on timers.

    Back to reading....and thinking of excuses for both of us not to wear makeup. Do you have allergies? That one works well for me.

  2. No allergies, oh but I do have broccoli...or at least, that is what it looked like when I tried the moss thing. Oh yeah, you can bet your lazy butt thumb there will be a picture post of the broccoli.

  3. yes, grocery store feet...and their cousin(s), laundry mat feet. It is the perfect shade of black. Such depth, richness. I am grossing myself out. At least I'm not talkin'bout boogers. Sheesh.

  4. Hey! Eye boogers *so* do not have the same 'depth of richness' as do the other kind.

    GWEN!!! Late reaction to the fact that...SOMETHING I CAME UP WITH...IS BEING COPIED!!! If you see this idea anywhere else DO NOT TELL ME, I just want to live in the moment of my creative geniusness. Also, when you do get back to MGH, I would really appreciate a moss tutorial, broccoli I tell ya.

  5. The sprouts may be shoeless and hungry but they're still adorable!My grocerers wouldn't recognize me without my baseball cap and dark sunglasses so you got nothing on me there.

    I've got 3 big empty crocks in my fireplace now, it's not looking great but I like the broccoli idea...there's plenty left from dinner that my kids won't eat. And where is the fireplace insert that used to be there? In the front yard of course...we're going for the country junkyard look.

  6. AM I STARTING A TREND??? When I was a freshman in HS I started 'the girls wearing camo craze' at least at my school.

    Feels so good.

  7. Just added some pics of the 'Suggs Thugs'...Alright, that's really not nice...these guys are highly trained professionals, they deserve my respect, just because something rhymes and someone has slightly questionable taste in music does not mean I should call them a thug.


    Besides, I have to go back and see them again, so you know. Thanks Pip for the referral, and Cow for the cash. TeeHee...Cash Cow. Oh, Dear. I should go to bed now. Delirium has set in.

    PS)The more I stare at those pots the more I feel the need to tweak.

  8. GUYS!!! When y'all see me make a mistake like... typing the word advert in stead of avert...TELL ME!!! Spell-check does not catch these things, and advert was the OPPOSITE of what I was trying to say.

  9. Hey!
    Where on Earth did you find such a gorgeous pair of snowflake pants?? You have to let me in on where you shop...
    Maybe there's a pair of "sister" one's out there somewhere.

    Dude, what's with the goggles?? From the surgery possibly? Please say "yes". Or I may begin to worry...

  10. Joey, I would be happy to send you let me talk to my sister...I have something I need to tell her.

  11. what a fun post, and can I say, I LOVE what you did with your fire[lace! very clever

  12. I love that fireplace. Never seen pots in one before but I like it. I really like what you've done with the mantel.

  13. just discovered your it :)

  14. I like all the empty pots, and I like that they don't have to be watered :-). It's very Pottery-barnish.

  15. First time to your wonderful blog! Enjoyed it so much I am smoking a cigarette as I type this comment. HA! I love your mantel and hearth. Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. It's also less to clean.
    I'll be back.



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